Custom Drive Shafts Pittsburg CA

Are you looking for drive shaft modification or custom machine work? We offer drive shaft repairs and modifications as well as custom fabrication. 925-384-0481


The drive shaft is the most important part of the vehicle that you probably take for granted. This is the machine that connects to the rest of the drive train, transmitting the torque and rotation that allows the vehicle to move and to maneuver. If there are problems with your drive shaft, you’ll quickly notice them. Given its importance, you’ll definitely want to get your drive shaft repaired as soon as possible. This service will typically be offered by a driveshaft shop.

We provide Dyna-Balancing. All drivetrains need to be balanced when parts are changed, damaged, or new parts are installed. Call today to learn more about Dyna-Balancing.

DRIVE SHAFT MODIFICATION semi truck lift kits

Drive Line Service of Concord specializes in drive shaft modification and customization. We are the go-to shop for mechanics and enthusiasts alike who have modified or customized their vehicles. If you have changed your suspension, rear end, or engine, added a lift kit or lowered your vehicle, and you've noticed a vibration or wobble, your drive shaft is either out of balance or isn't a proper fit. The experienced machinists at Drive Line Service can custom fit and balance your drive shaft, giving you the performance you desire. 

CUSTOM MACHINE WORKfabrication and welding

We specialize in machining, fabrication, modification and custom jobs. We also weld equipment, which includes repair, and custom fabrication of parts and equipment. If you need a custom part, we are the shop to call. If you need any repair or custom machine work, give us a call at 925-384-0841.


Looking for other parts? Drive Line Service of Concord also offers:

  • Flaming River Quality steering systems for hot rods, classics, muscle cars, trucks, off road, and racing
  • Heavy Metal Polish
  • Differential Parts
  • Rear Axles
  • Front Wheel Drive Axles
  • Transmission Yokes for all Models
  • Differential Yokes
  • Universal Joints
  • Steering Columns

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